Life Dispo is a WHOLESALE Disposable dental supply company based in Roseville, CA. We believe in providing high-quality dental supplies at the lowest prices anywhere and in the most efficient and pleasant manner.

High Quality Dental Supplies:  We deal directly with the largest dental supply companies so our customers are able to get top-rated brands easily. Top quality products ensure a top quality practice.

Our Vision:

Our company underlines the importance of being service minded and putting the customer in a primary position.

Our Values:

Our knowledgeable sales team and customer service personnel are available during regular business hours to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your purchase. At Cal Supplier Inc, we treat each of our customers as an individual, not a number. Contact us now to talk to one of our friendly staff and hear how we can make your purchasing experience the best possible.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to minimize the expenses of our customers and offer high quality products. That is why we buy smart, stock quantity, and pass on the savings to you. Visit our all brands page to see what kind of quality and good offer so you can save even more.

Our Mission:

We aim higher.

Dr. Houmam Affass graduated from Dental School in 1991 from Hama. He then opened his own practice in Syria for five years. Dr. Affass also worked as a Medical Manager for a big chain of dental offices, in Riyadh, where he managed 18 dentists and over 60 employees. After gaining extensive experience as a Medical Manager and his proven track record as a dentist, Dr. Affass decided to become a distributor for dental supplies as he believed his expertise and knowledge in the field will allow him to pick high quality products as well as provide dentists the help they need. Upon moving to the USA in 2015, he continued to do just that! Dr. Affass is committed to providing his customers with high quality products at economical prices.

Dr. Houmam AffassCo-Founder – CEO

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